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If you are interested in studying a short course to merely refresh your current skills and knowledge, to get a feel for a full qualification course you are interested in or to give yourself a boost so that you will be able to qualify for that promotion that you have been eying for some time you have got your mind on the right track.

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Short courses might not give you a flashy qualification but it can help greatly when you are studying it for the reasons above.  


Even if you are already qualified, you can still study a short course to help you update your knowledge. Many business fields such as accounting, project management and HR management change all the time, leaving older professional outdated. A short course in your field will quickly get you back on track with the new ways.   


Unisa offers short learning programmes in the following fields:

College of Agriculture and Environmental Science

*  Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Science

College of Economic and Management Science

*  Centre of Blended-learning Studies

*  Centre for Accounting Studies

*  Centre for Business Management

*  Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology

*  Centre for Public Administration and Management

*  Graduate SBL

*  Centre for Decision Science

*  Centre for Transport Economics, Logistics and Tourism

College of Education Studies

*  Centre for Continuous Professional Teacher and Community Education and Training

College of Graduate Studies

*  Institute for African Renaissance

College of Human Science

*  Centre for Applied Information and Communication

*  Centre for Applied Psychology

*  Centre for Development Studies

*  Institute for Continuing Education

*  The Povey Centre for the Study of English in Southern Africa

*  Centre for Pan African Languages and Cultural Development

*  Tirisano Centre

College of Law Studies

*  Centre for Business Law

*  VerLoren van Themaat Centre

*  Centre for Criminological Science

*  Centre for Basic Legal Education

College of Science, Engineering and Technology

*  Centre for Software Engineering

*  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Other, Administration and Professional Studies

*  Vp Acad (Teach & Learn) Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute


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